EN Furniture

"Won't you stay for dinner? Don't be afraid – I won't bite."
Count's Castle Flooring iconCount's Castle FlooringI wonder what the occupants' favorite color is...Floor1150450+4
Count's Castle Wallpaper iconCount's Castle WallpaperCan't be red, that'd be too obvious.Wallpaper1150450+4
Castle Treasure Chest iconCastle Treasure ChestGood news: it's not a mimic. Bad news: the booty is fake.Furni140120+22×3
Count's Castle Dining Table iconCount's Castle Dining TableTonight's dinner is – you guessed it – blood sausage.Furni180240+310×2
Count's Castle Carpet iconCount's Castle CarpetIt used to be white.Flat Furni280240+36×6
Count's Castle Piano iconCount's Castle Piano"It plays itself? How eerie! ...What do you mean that's how a player piano works?"Furni180240+35×4
Count's Castle Staircase iconCount's Castle StaircaseRise from your... ground floor?Furni180240+35×8
Count's Castle Coffin iconCount's Castle CoffinHuman or vampire, it's a resting place all the same.Furni180240+35×6
Count's Castle Pillar iconCount's Castle PillarSpray it with water to get a coin.Furni22060+13×1
Devilmanjuu iconDevilmanjuuHe gave up all he had to fight in the name of justice. Cue the theme song!Furni140120+23×3
Gargoyle Manjuu iconGargoyle ManjuuHe's losing to a bird.Furni140120+22×2
Wine Barrel iconWine BarrelStop whining and start wining.Furni12060+12×2
Armored Manjuu iconArmored Manjuu"That manjuu's got armor! I want armor!"Furni140120+22×2
Count's Castle Candelabra iconCount's Castle CandelabraCandelabra? Sure can do, brah.Furni22060+11×1
Count's Castle Magic Circle iconCount's Castle Magic CircleThis is how you REALLY special summon a monster!Furni140120+24×4
Count's Castle Throne iconCount's Castle ThroneThe former seat of he who rejected his humanity.Furni1+34×6
Count's Castle Trapdoor iconCount's Castle TrapdoorAh, death pits. A platformer staple.Furni140120+24×4
Count's Castle Bathtub iconCount's Castle BathtubRoses are red, horseshoe crab blood is blue. Have a dip in this, and you'll feel just like new.Furni180240+34×6
Count's Castle Chair iconCount's Castle Chair"Face me!"Furni32060+12×2
Count's Castle Chair iconCount's Castle Chair"What do you think you're doing, turning your back to me?"Furni32060+12×2
Sword in the Stone iconSword in the StoneTry as you might, only King George can pull it out.Furni10150+42×2
Batjuu iconBatjuuWhat's it doing? Just hanging out.Wall22060+12×0
Count's Castle Window iconCount's Castle WindowIt's getting dark outside... Seems you'll have to stay the night.Wall140120+24×0
Count's Castle Paintings iconCount's Castle PaintingsA collection of unsettling paintings. You feel like they might come to life if you stare for too long.Wall140120+24×0
A Real Crow iconA Real CrowNot a manjuu in a costume. It's watching your every move.Wall12060+12×0