EN Furniture

Welcome to Ryza's atelier!
Atelier Flooring iconAtelier FlooringStep inside Ryza's atelier and have an adventurous look around!Floor1150450+4
Atelier Wallpaper iconAtelier WallpaperStep inside Ryza's atelier and have an adventurous look around!Wallpaper1150450+4
Wooden Tea Table iconWooden Tea TableWhen you want a tea party but don't want to leave the atelier.Furni140120+22×5
Storage Cabinet A iconStorage Cabinet AGotta make the most of the space you have!Furni12060+12×2
Storage Cabinet B iconStorage Cabinet BGotta make the most of the space you have!Furni12060+11×3
Storage Cabinet C iconStorage Cabinet CGotta make the most of the space you have!Furni12060+11×2
Storage Shelf iconStorage ShelfBe careful when you're on the ladder.Furni180240+36×4
Small Cupboard iconSmall CupboardFilled with various alchemy materials.Furni140120+23×2
Small Box iconSmall BoxA humble storage container. Only Ryza knows what's inside.Furni12060+12×2
Great Elemental's Chair iconGreat Elemental's ChairWhile it's not very comfortable at all, it does project an air of dominance.Furni1+34×4
Atelier Couch iconAtelier CouchA big-ish couch. Great for relaxing and napping alike.Furni180240+32×4
Giant Weasel Doll iconGiant Weasel DollDon't be alarmed, it's just a very realistic doll.Furni1150450+41×2
Small Stool iconSmall StoolA run-of-the-mill stool. You wish it had a backrest.Furni12060+11×1
Big Rug iconBig RugA much bigger rug. It makes the atelier feel a bit more fancy.Flat Furni180240+316×8
Celestial Body Model iconCelestial Body ModelIts rings move in mysterious, unpredictable ways.Furni1+33×3
Duplication Cauldron iconDuplication CauldronA curious contraption.Furni180240+32×2
Atelier Desk iconAtelier DeskThe place where Ryza keeps her journal.Furni1+23×2
Horned Sheep Doll iconHorned Sheep DollIt won't drop any wool no matter how much you hit it.Furni1150450+42×2
Fireplace iconFireplaceKeeps the atelier warm and cozy.Furni140120+22×2
Atelier Staircase iconAtelier StaircaseOf course there's a second floor!Furni140120+27×3
Atelier Forge iconAtelier ForgeNeed to buff up your weapons? Look no further.Furni1+33×3
Atelier Rug iconAtelier RugA small rug to spice up a modest floor.Flat Furni12060+14×1
Pile of Stuff iconPile of StuffGetting to the boxes on the bottom is a huge chore.Furni140120+24×6
Wooden Table iconWooden TableCovered in huge stacks of paper.Furni12060+13×2
Small Bookcase iconSmall BookcaseEasier to reach than the big bookcase, but with less space for books.Furni140120+23×1
Atelier Mini-Sofas iconAtelier Mini-SofasSmaller than the couch, but every bit as cushy.Furni240120+22×2
Small Table iconSmall TableIt's small, but that's no reason to be mean to it.Furni12060+12×3
Atelier Workbench iconAtelier WorkbenchThe flasks are durable and can be brought with you on adventures.Furni1+23×1
Small Hot Spring iconSmall Hot SpringA bit like an indoor swimming pool. The heating element is durable and reliable.Furni1+37×7
Atelier Potted Plant iconAtelier Potted PlantBecause every room could use a bit of green.Furni12060+11×1
Atelier House Plant iconAtelier House PlantConveniently small so you can put it just about anywhere.Furni12060+11×1
Atelier Alchemy Cauldron iconAtelier Alchemy CauldronHow does alchemy work? It's hard to explain.Furni1+34×4
Alchemy Platform iconAlchemy PlatformThe heart of Ryza's atelier. This is where the magic happens.Furni1+410×7
Siren Alchemy Cauldron iconSiren Alchemy CauldronIt looks fairly normal, but it was made with Siren technology!Furni10150+44×4
Siren Alchemy Cannon iconSiren Alchemy CannonAn engraving on it reads, "Belongs to Purity." It's not a functional cannon... or so we hope, at least.Furni10150+47×10
Giant Manuscript iconGiant ManuscriptA tome so heavy that nobody can lift it. Written in an unknown language.Furni1+32×2
Decorative Treasure Chest iconDecorative Treasure ChestEveryone knows the excitement of opening one of these.Furni1+32×3
Blue Puni Doll iconBlue Puni DollPeople sometimes forget it's just a doll on account of how real it looks.Furni1+43×3
Atelier Bookcase iconAtelier BookcaseWhat better way to show that you're smart than with rows and rows of books?Furni140120+21×5
Barrel iconBarrelYup, that's a barrel!Furni10+32×2
Atelier Window iconAtelier WindowA great source for lots of natural light.Wall140120+28×0
Atelier Sign iconAtelier SignIn essence, a repurposed blackboard.Wall12060+12×0
Atelier Door iconAtelier DoorThis intricate wooden door lends a sense of dignity to the atelier.Wall180240+36×0
Bedroom Loft iconBedroom LoftThe best place to be after a day of back-breaking work!Wall180240+314×0
Atelier Photo Frames iconAtelier Photo FramesPhoto frames decorating the alchemist's atelier.Wall12060+12×0